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                Pictures From a Hiroshima Schoolyard:                

Pictures drawn by children of Hiroshima Japan in 1946 are discovered at a church in Washington D.C., restored and brought back to Hiroshima for exhibition.
(Co-production with Shizumi Shigeto Manale)
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Bryan Reichhardt

Shizumi Shigeto Manale

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Currently Airing Nationally on PBS


An unexpected friendship develops between two pilots and a farm family.  From that friendship a new tradition is created, borne in the spirit of one long gone:  barnstorming.
(Produced in Association with Glenshaw Creative)

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Previously seen on PBS stations around the country...

Geisha: An Artists Journey

Shizumi Shigeto Manale, a Japanese-American performance artist, travels to Japan to explore the world of the geisha and the inspirations for her own art.
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In Development


(Episodic Series)

Singer, songwriter Suzanne Brindamour takes viewers on a
musical journey across America and around the world.

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Apollo Rides Again!

A reenactor's dream of landing on the moon becomes a reality
...on Earth


Selected Programs

Shizumi Dance Theater

A Japanese-American performance artist performs five unique dance pieces. A blend of traditional japanese imagery and avant garde poetic theater. (1 hour)
Winner: Ace Award

Flying Home

Using ultralite airplanes, biologists in Virginia teach a group of Trumpeter swans a long-lost migration route to the Chesapeake Bay. (half-hour)
Winner: Videographers Award of Excellence

The New You

An innovative social program helps people build their self esteem and find their own way to a better life. (half-hour)
Nominee: Ace Award

The Quest for Quiet

Man-made noise is drowning out the sounds of nature. Sen. John McCain is one of the leaders in an ongoing effort to keep our national parks naturally quiet.

The Mill in Waterford

History lives in an 18th century mill in the Quaker-founded village of Waterford, Virginia.


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